Vicksburg, Mississippi

You've heard of Mississippi.  Well, I have a boy cat and I call him Mister Ssippi, because he sure ain't no "Missis".

Everyone, myself included, goes on about Gettysburg every Fourth of July.  However, I don't feel that Gettysburg could possibly have had as deep or profound effect on the residents of the Cumberland Valley as did what the people of Vicksburg had to endure being surrounded and cut off the way they were for such an extended amount of time.

So, today I want to give a nod to Vicksburg because what the citizens there went through deserves recognition.  If you want to know more about it there are tons of pages out there about the Siege of Vicksburg.

I found an incredible book of photos from 1902 called VICKSBURG VISTAS chock full of lovely B&W photos.  Unfortunately, you can't rotate the pages so you have to either hold your computer sideways or turn your head to an awkward angle.

If you don't feel like doing that, here's one (of nine) panorama(s) from the Library of Congress.  It has no restrictions on publication, but the copyright claimant is listed as the Haines Photo Company of Conneaut, Ohio.

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