This post contains a movie ending spoiler


The other day I decided to take a break from reading Civil War books and watching civil war movies, so I picked an old dark house murder mystery from 1941 to watch over at the Internet Archive figuring that was as possibly far from Civil War history as I could get…  I was wrong.

It was called Murder by Invitation, and was based on a group of relatives trying to get their wealthy, crazy Aunt committed to insane asylum so they could get at her money – all three million dollars.  The Judge deems her sane, and she invites all of her relatives out to her country house (with secret passages and everything else spooky) for the week, and she tells them the money is hidden in the house somewhere and she'll give it to the one of them she likes best at the end of the week…  and they all start dropping like flies and everyone thinks it's crazy Aunt Carrie doing her relatives in for revenge for trying to get her committed.

I think she was crazy because she decides to burn the house down to see who'll run back in for the money… which she had offered one of her guests (but he wasn't a relative) 10,000$ to hide for her.

They catch the murderer, and when she goes to pay the guest for hiding the money, we find out that she was one of the Original Denhams, a "First Family" of Virginia, and her money was all in CONFEDERATE DOLLARS!

WHAT A TWIST!  WHAT A HOOT!  I tell you I never saw that coming.

Aside from the DELIGHTFUL, DELICIOUS ending, I really liked that movie quite a bit.  It was original, suspenseful, funny, well-acted and kept my interest.  I highly recommend watching it if you have an hour to spare.

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