Bobby Horton Vs. the 2nd Carolina String Band

I’ve always loved Bobby Horton, but I had no idea how much until I found that he has a SIX VOLUME set of Confederate Civil War songs called Homespun Songs of the C.S.A., and that it is AWESOMENESS DEFINED.  You can hear samples at CDBABY…. My birthday is in October…As much as I love Bobby Horton, the 2nd Carolina String Band shuts him out.  Way out.

I love the 2nd Carolina String Band so very much that I have two of their songs and WON’T post them out of adoration and respect for them.  You can search skreemr and find them, but I won’t post them – as much as I want to, so very much.  And that’s quite saying something as I usually have no qualms about posting schtuff that ain’t mine, but they are so absolutely [expletive deleted] amazing that I just can’t bring myself to do it.

I’m torn, I want you to know and love them as much as I, but it isn’t my place to post it.

You could visit youtube and watch some of their videos though…

Let me put it to you this way, I love them so much I almost think I could move back home to Pennsylvania if I could go hear them play all of the time.  Yep, that’s right – they could possibly make me insane enough to make me move back to that despicable hell hole of a state since they play at Gettysburg.  That’s how [expletive deleted] fantastic they are.

I don’t know if I am exaggerating or not….


I do NOT know who this song is by, but I can’t leave you with silence and I feel I can post it since it is not a full song and only a sample as the last few verses are missing.



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