Watch free American Civil War videos online

I’ve watched all of the Civil War movies available at the Internet Archive, and I can only watch Gettysburg so many times, the same is true for the parts (1, 2, 3, 5, 6) of Ken Burns’ The Civil War mini-series that are available online.

Today, I re-explored some old bookmarks:

Annenberg Media’s A Biography of America, chapters. 8 – 13.

Yale Open Courseware: The Civil War and Reconstruction Era 1845-1877. Video Library (search: Civil War; Shelby Foote)

PBS:  History Detectives; American Experience.

Youtube: Scenes from Wicked Spring; The Battle of Aiken, Littlest Rebel, Little Colonel; Gray Ghost tv series, Gettysburg of the West.

The National Geographic Special: Civil War Gold was interesting.

Don’t forget to search for “Civil War” movies at Hulu every once in awhile… they just had GLORY recently.

5 short Civil War videos

I have not come across much worth posting recently.  I've been reading lots lately, and one of these days I'll post a reading list…

Until then, watch some videos at the Internet Archive.

Civil War Overview:

Encyclopaedia Britannica Films – The Civil War (15 minutes)

A House Divided (30 minutes)

Southern Life Overview:

The Plantation System in Southern Life (10 minutes)

Life in Old Louisiana (10 minutes)

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address:

Nor Long Remember (15 minutes)

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