Civil War Artists

Everyone has heard of Civil War era artists such as Eastman Johnson, Thomas Nast and Winslow Homer….

But what of other talented people who sadly aren't so well known?  Let me introduce you to two fine artists you may not have heard of.

I came across a series of paintings of the Battle of Antietam by Union Captain James Hope over at the NPS and they are well worth a look.  Scroll to the bottom of the linked page and you can view the series in an album (w/commentary notes) or a slide show.

They are all fairly similar and simplistic and don't look like much at first glance, but when you study them deeply you see quite a lot.  What struck me was how my eye was drawn upwards to the sky when there is so much happening on the ground.  They really are very impressive in their simplicity.

And my personal favorite – Gilbert Gaul.  I love the realism of his work and it almost reminds me of Norman Rockwell – well, at least the Between The Lines one does – ALMOST!  You can read a brief synopsis of Gaul's life at tennesseeencyclopedia and/or wikipedia.  And enjoy these painting I "stole/borrowed" from google images…

Sources used without permission:; the National Park Service;;; wikipedia; google images.

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Niagara by Louis Remy Mignot

What does this picture of Niagara Falls painted in Europe in 1866 have to do with the American Civil War?

Not much except that it was painted by a South Carolina native who turned his back on his State and his Country and moved to Europe when the American Civil War broke out.

I've been trying to find a biography for him that discusses his perceived need to flee, but am not finding anything concrete…  So I will leave it at that, but I do encourage you to check out some of his landscapes as he really did have a beautiful technique.

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