James McPherson’s Ordeal By Fire (self-assessment quiz)

I recently took Ordeal By Fire out of the Library, I brought it home and decided to search around the internet before I read it for any tips on reading such a massive tome.

I found a FANTASTIC website about the book that includes a self-assessment quiz for every one of the 33 chapters by publishers McGraw-Hill.

I take the quiz, read the chapter, and then go back and take the quiz again to see how I’ve improved.  I am only on Chapter 4, but I am doing pretty well so far and have learned quite a bit, thanks for asking!


I also learned a new term: DOUGHFACE.

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The LeMat Revolver

I’ve never been interested much in guns.  I grew up around them and they never much impressed me.  I learned how to fire a rifle at a very young age, and had a hunting license by the time I was in the fifth grade, but in the interest of full disclosure – our whole school got them, otherwise the area schools couldn’t close on the first days of Turkey, Buck and Doe seasons.

The point is I was watching R. Lee Ermey’s Mail Call Civil War Special and I saw something that made me sit up and take notice – and nearly pee my pants.

The 4 pound LeMat Confederate Cavalry double-barreled “Grapeshot” Revolver.

The LeMat Revolver

What caught my eye was the second, lower barrel – a shotgun barrel designed to fire buckshot/grapeshot in addition to the 9 bullets of the Revolver.

As I researched the LeMat Revolver, I came to learn that LeMat married P.G.T. Beauregard’s cousin!  I wish I could recall where I read that so I could credit them… But I read so many articles I lost track.

However, I did manage to bookmark two of the better write-ups and I encourage you to visit them to learn more about this amazing piece of Civil War Weaponry.

NRVO Fighting Iron: LeMat’s Revolver is simply OUTSTANDING and if you are into technical information johno.myiglou.com’s LeMat Revolver is well written.

SOURCE: The photo was taken from Curator’s Corner from Tulsa on nrablog.com and was used without permission.


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