May 18 was a busy day

1861: Poor old General William S. Harney didn't know whether he was a-comin' or a-goin' in the Show-Me state.  That Lincoln man just couldn't make up his mind what to do with him as Lincoln suspected Harney of being too tolerant of the Confederacy.  Harney was ousted on April 21, then given back his appointment on May 8, then another letter to staunch Unionist Frank Blair telling him to oust Harney again, THEN… on May 18, Lincoln again rescinded his last letter to Blair.  Lincoln knew he had acted like an ass and even admitted it later in saying that "the removal of General Harney was one of the greatest mistakes of his administration".

1862:  The U.S. 5th Army Corps is founded.  Battles, sieges, and blockades are taking place at the Cumberland Gap in Tennessee; Gavelston Harbor, Texas; and the Battle of Corinth in Mississippi.

Mississippi is not having a good day….

Vicksburg, Mississippi.  Union General Benjamin Butler and Officer David G. Farragut sent a message via the commander of the USS Oneida, S. P. Lee, to the commander of the Confederate forces at Vicksburg, General M. L. Smith requesting, no demanding, the surrender of the city.  Smith declined and the city was put under Union siege.

….and it follows them into 1863….

1863:  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  The Union "asks" again this year for the submission of Vicksburg.  This year however, it is General Grant is the backing Union force – and one to be reckoned with…  Confederate General Pemberton didn't stand a chance.  The siege is complete and Vicksburg will fall and surrender on July 4, 1863, and Vicksburg would not celebrate the Fourth Of July for nearly 80 years.

Mississippi really is not having a good day on May 18, with skirmishes near Island #82, and losing Hayne's Bluff.

Missouri, Tennessee, and West Virginia see some skirmish action today.

1864:  Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Virginia all see battles and skirmish action.

Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia.  Things had been quiet around Spotsylvania, until dawn of this day.  Hancock and Wright's corps' made assault on General Lee's left flank – that attack and several more failed and General Meade ordered a halt while General Grant renewed his campaign towards Lee's right flank.

William T. Sherman (allegedly insane from syphilis) is terrorizing the South in his "Atlanta Campaign", and Grant is spreading evil and destruction through Virginia in his "Overland Campaign".

Find out more things that happened on this day in the civil war at TODAY or THIS DAY.

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  1. You missed Arkansas being admitted to the Confederacy on May 18, 1861.

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